Bento Box: Ayeh

So I finally took the big step and moved to California to pursue some dreams of mine (YAY!). Although it has only been 2+ weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve already been able to try some amazing dishes that I wanted to share for those planning to venture to the golden coast. I’ll coin this series “West Coast Eats” (make sure to check out #westcoasteats to follow my adventures on Instagram).

Having to crash at my cousin’s house in Hacienda Heights only meant one thing: central location. She lives in the heart of what they call “Asia Town” because of its concentration of Asian influences. Being that my favorite and preferred dishes are Asian, I was beyond ecstatic to try a medley of different cultures.


a) Daikokuya Ramen // Daikokuya
I love ramen and I have to say that this has to be the best tonkatsu ramen that I have ever had. If you don’t take my word for it, just visit their website where they have been awarded at least 6 awards and have multiple bloggers raving on their broth alone. The eggs are soaked overnight giving it that soft-boiled ooey goodness to your broth (my personal favorite in ramen). The pork broth, which I usually do not prefer because of it’s usual heaviness, was not TOO much for me. I added a bit of sesame oil and chili just to add that spicy kick that I always enjoy. And to top it off, they have combinations where you can order their soup AND a side order of your liking for less than $13. This place is a steal and one I highly recommend.

b) Thai Tea Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich // Milk
One word: mindblowing. Located just on the outskirts of West Hollywood, Milk is a dessert haven for anyone with a giant sweet tooth. They offer home-made ice cream, cake, shakes, coffees, teas, cupcakes in ice cream cones, and… wait for it… macaron ice cream sandwiches. I ordered the thai tea macaron ice cream sandwich which was to die for. You can even make your own ice cream sandwich! For all my fellow sweet teeth out there, you’ll definitely want to stop by.

c) Shrimp & Pork Shao Mai // Din Tai Fung
Having been named as one of the best restaurants in the world by New York Times, Din Tai Fung definitely lives up to its name in my books. The way I eat it is by adding soy sauce and vinegar to the dish with ginger that they provide. Then, you pick your dumpling of your choice and dip it into your sauce concoction. Take a small bite, sip the soup slowly (it’s HOT!), and stuff the dumpling into your mouth. It’s light and not overpowering while being savory at the same time. I also recommend their juicy pork dumplings and to definitely stop by on the weekends to try their soup dumplings! Although a bit pricey, I still think this is one dim sum dumpling restaurant that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.

d) Green Tea Chocolate Fondue // Yojie Shabu Shabu
For those who have not had the pleasure of trying shabu shabu (otherwise known as hot pot), the concept of this meal is simply this: create the broth, and swish your thinly sliced meat/fish in the broth for a few seconds, and enjoy! Everything at this restaurant is amazing, but the best, by far, is their green tea chocolate fondue. Normally, you can order the fondue with cakes and fruits, but I opted to order just strawberries. This is amazing. If you enjoy green tea ice cream, imagine it warmed with chocolate added to the mix. MUST!

– Ayeh


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