Spotlight on Orlando: Sapporo Ramen

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When I was living in Orlando, I had roommates who lived in Japan for a few years and raved about the awesomeness that is ramen. Unfortunately for us Floridians, ramen was a rare sighting having to resort to the – dare I say – grocery store brand that should be banned from even being called ramen. Truth is, even when we DO find ramen, it’s usually overpriced for a dish that is served pretty much at every asian restaurant in Japan.

On my last trip to Orlando, the word on the street was that a new ramen place had opened up shop and * GASP * was ridiculously cheap compared to New York ($15-$20) and Miami ($25-$35) prices, so of course I had to go. Located in the middle of Orlando’s Chinatown is where you can find Sapporo, a mom-and-pop store that sells ramen in 4 different broths: shoyu, shio, miso, and tonkotsu. All of these sell for less than $9 and have amazing flavor. Being a corn lover, my eyes went straight for the Shio Ramen, a chicken butter broth, something that fits my preference for lighter based soups. I also ordered the Takoyaki ($3) which were balls of octopus that were slightly reminiscent of hush puppies, only SO much better.

Although it was missing that soft-boiled egg, this place exceeded my expectations. The shio broth was probably the best soup I’ve ever had. The noodles were perfect, and the corn.. with the butter broth.. let’s just say, this is a MUST for all those who venture outside of the theme parks in Orlando. The Takoyaki was savory and had a good portion of octopus in every bite.

Definitely stop by and enjoy a nice warm bowl of ramen, sans 3 for $1 grocery store products.


5080 W Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32808


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