Team Favorites: Jenn’s Top 3 Fried Chicken Hot Spots

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You might as well tar and feather me since I usually choose chicken over any other meat. My favorite fried chicken destinations range from the beautiful, sunny South Beach to a little hole in the wall near Miami Shores. If fried chicken satisfies your palate, well look no further. Here are my top 3 fried chicken destinations in no particular order…

1.  Little Saigon in North Miami Beach
This family owned Vietnamese restaurant serves a plate of garlic butter chicken wings with a side of pickled carrots (I always ask for extra). The garlic butter wings look a bit anorexic but they are out of this world delicious and it is one of their most popular dishes at Little Saigon. Who can’t resist a slice of butter sliding off a piping hot wing? I know I can’t.

2.  Tongue and Cheek in South Beach
When I heard that Chef Jaime DeRosa was opening a new restaurant in South Beach, the first thing that popped into my head was his fried chicken. His fried chicken is made with the right amount of seasoning; it is crispy on the outside and super moist on the inside. His chicharrones of chicken skin with Japanese mustard is also winner with the great combination of sweet and salty.

3.  Pack Super Market in Little Haiti
A few years ago when I worked in Miami Shores, FL my coworkers introduced me to new kinds of food and one of them was Haitian cuisine.  The area seems a bit sketchy but when I entered the market they were so helpful to me.  It is obvious that the Haitian women are the queens of the kitchen at Pack Super Market. The Haitian fried chicken was the size of a Disney turkey leg and it was soooo CHEAP (6 drumsticks cost about $4) !! If you want to pay a couple bucks extra you could get pikliz (spicy Haitian slaw) and their tasty rice and beans.



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