Quick Bites: Carrot Cake at Box Park Miami

A few weeks ago, a few members of the team and myself were invited to dinner at one of Brickell’s newest restaurants, Box Park. With an ingredient-focused, farm-to-table methodology, Chef Matt Hinckley shares creative dishes using not-so-common ingredients like alligator, bison, and rabbit. There’s actually no chicken dishes on the menu since Hinckley believes the poultry doesn’t have enough flavor. Everything on the table is made-from-scratch and the entire meal was impressive, to say the least.

Of all the things I tried, the Carrot Cake dessert was truly memorable. I had been pretty good about sticking to my Paleo eating habits throughout the meal since I was saving my ‘cheat’ for dessert. Hinckley’s version of the classic sweet used whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt to lighten up on calories. The best part? It didn’t sacrifice taste at all. It was moist, full of flavor, and the addition of toasted coconut made it perfection.

If you haven’t stopped into Box Park, put it on your list — we promise it’s worth it! The BBQ Rabbit Wings, Fried Alligator, and Florida Mango & Burrata are TCP favorites. πŸ™‚

– Dee


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