A Full Plate: OTC Restaurant in Brickell

It’s not always easy taking meal orders for 8 different people, so any restaurant that makes it easier is worth checking out. Since everyone orders at the counter, you can be as picky as you want. You pay, sit down, and your food is brought to the table by a runner or the Chef. We love how personal an open kitchen is. Not to mention some of us in the group are cooking show addicts, so front row seats are always fun.

Able to handle large groups, OTC’s menu has options for the pickiest eaters to the strictest vegetarians. There’s a little bit of everything from salads to grilled cheese and pork taquitos. If anything is obvious, they know how to do comfort food quite well. Popular dishes included the Nueske’s Bacon Mac & Cheese, the Truffle Fries, and Grilled Asparagus.

Have you been to OTC Restaurant? Check out what the gang thought below and please share your favorites!

A unique “over the counter” restaurant within the heart of Brickell, OTC offers high class cuisine for a relatively low price. Having previously visited before, I wanted to try something different so I opted to order the Pan Seared Tuna sliders with a Shaved Apple and Brie salad. Personally, I dislike wasabi and should have asked for the sliders without it. Nevertheless, the pan-seared tuna was delicious and the perfect portion! In terms of my salad, had it consisted of less dressing (it was too salty for my taste and I definitely did not taste anything walnut), I probably would have enjoyed that much more than I really did – I mean, apple and brie?! It sounds like a perfect match for a healthy side. Either way, I still would go back – I still have to try their brunch!

OTC Restaurant is a popular open kitchen eatery that serves up delicious eats in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami. I’m a huge fan of the “over the counter” style that the establishment is named for. It’s convenient and allows you to order however you want. The staff is very friendly. I shared a meal with Mark and my favorite was the prosciutto and burrata. It’s such a tasty combo. Overall, everything we had was pretty tasty and I have to admit that the portions were more than expected. Perfect for a date or catching up with your BFF! I’ll definitely be back to try their brunch menu.

OTC has a terrific atmosphere and a menu that really spoils you for choice. I decided to go for the Nueske’s Bacon Mac and Cheese and the Short Rib and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The Bacon Mac and Cheese had a great smoky flavor and really creamy but light texture that was fantastic. With the grilled cheese sandwich, the brie to me overpowered the short rib flavor – nullifying it.

It was nice to have an easy meal ordered over the counter. I was blown away by their huge menu, and wanted to order everything. I opted for the Foie Gras Mousse, which was served with toasted baguttes, and the Short Rib and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I am a huge fan of foie gras, so I definitely appreciated the mousse spread with my baguette. The short rib grilled cheese sandwich definitely hit home, but next time I won’t order it with the foie gras mousse, it was a carb overload. Overall, I enjoyed the food and loved the hipster ambiance at OTC.

The chicken parmesan sandwich with the melted mozzarella and tomato confit was pretty tasty.  I enjoyed the French fries topped with parmesan cheese with the tantalizing aroma of the truffle oil. I washed down my meal with a refreshing ginger ale & I was able to feel the stinging sensation in my throat from the fresh cut ginger.


At OTC, I ordered the Nueske’s Bacon Mac with the Truffle & Parmesan fries. The Mac & Cheese consisted of Brie AND bacon. I am a big fan of brie and was happy to see it across the menu as an ingredient to a handful of dishes. The prices are definitely reasonable and the service is quick. Now that Lent is over and I can eat bread, I definitely want to try all the grilled cheese sandwiches!

I got the Hand-Dipped Chicken Fingers and they were great. They’re made with 24-hour marinated Freebird chickens, breaded and seasoned. It went well with their in-house made ketchup that came with the fries. The Short Rib & Brie with Jasper Hill brie dipping sauce was tender and the cheese was pulling nicely… and really, who doesn’t like brie?
The OTC special of the night was Pork Taquitos so we figured we’d try it out as well. Unfortunately that was my least favorite dish of the night. The tortilla and pork were both over cooked and only had a few greens scattered around inside. With some good food and sauces and a good selection of craft beers on draft, I would comeback to OTC to try a few more things from the menu.

The mac and cheese was served in a small cast iron skillet, so presentation was nice. However, the dish could have had more cheese as it was more soupy as opposed to cheesy. Also, the lobster had a fishy taste. (Maine Lobster Mac)Personally, I wanted the Pan Seared Tuna sliders, but I guess I did not clarify it while I ordered. The yellow fin tuna was sliced into 12 heavenly pieces, served with a wasabi mayo sauce, which was not overpowering. (Pan Seared Tuna)

OTC Restaurant
1250 South Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130
+Facebook // @OTCRestaurant

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