Bento Box: Jenn


a) Asparagus Flan // Escopazzo
When I first saw this appetizer on the menu, I was definitely intrigued and I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I bit into it, it felt like nirvana. WOW! This dish has shitake mushrooms that are infused with white truffle oil.  Another great thing about this South Beach gem is that it is from an organic Italian restaurant.

b) Amaretto & Sweet Milk Gelato Milkshake // Vaniglia e Cioccolato
This is an Italian family-owned business that sells the best gelato in South Florida, made fresh on-site.  Depending on my mood, I usually mix up my gelatos with two different flavors. Their personal sized tiramisus are made weekly but you have to get them right away because they sell out quick.

c) Duck Duck Quail Slider // Haven
This South Beach gastro lounge sells organic small plates created by Executive Chef Todd Erickson, including the juicy duck burger with foie gras butter – topped with a fried quail egg. Haven is also visually stimulating with the digital walls constantly changing with with pictures depending on the theme of the night. The awesome gang behind Haven also own a gourmet taco shop a few doors down called Hua Hua’s Taqueria.

d) Dr. Pepper Brisket Sandwich // The Rolling Stove
I’m a food truck fan and this tender brisket sandwich is freaking awesome. I’m not a big fan of Dr. Pepper but its unique flavor works really well with this sandwich. Burgerbeast recommended this mouthwatery sandwich to me and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. Nom nom nom!



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