The Brew: The Tale of Fantasy Brewmasters


I stumbled upon this company, Fantasy Brewmasters, while at the Sprung Spring Beer Festival . I was amazed at not just the awesome ale they had but also their fascination with fantasy, stories, art and blending the whole thing together. I myself being a story writer, majoring in game design and of course a beer lover found myself super excited that all of my passions were rolled into one product. Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale has a fictional story about how it was brewed by the dwarfs and with my over active imagination, I really started to nerd out. I wanted to know more about Fantasy Brewmasters and got in contact with Chris Guerra the founder and asked him a few questions.

For Chris, it started when he was young reading Tolkien and playing the Legend of Zelda. Later he started playing World Of Warcraft which is a heavily fantasy themed world. In the game there are different types brews your characters could buy or create. He was joking with his buddies that he would love to make the named beers in the game in real life. Later Chris Guerra took a business course and then the idea popped back into his head about making the fantasy beers a reality.

Chris being a homebrewer had a good knowledge of beer and it’s creation, but he wanted to find the recipe that would make a really great beer. To do this, Chris held a competition open to anyone who was a capable brewer. After tasting different recipes, Keith Curtachio had the winning one. Also with his love of fantasy, Chris wanted art work and a story for his themed beer. He also held various competitions to find the right candidates to bring his work to life. Now with a full team and a home base here in Naples, Florida he could now look to the future.

Right now Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale is the sole beer that is available from Fantasy Brewmasters. They are looking to expand their line, and hopefully by the end of the year we could see a few new brews. With Burdisson’s being an English Brown Ale, Chris is looking for more lighter beer, possibly an IPA.

I would strongly recommend you give Fantasy Brewmaster’s a try. I’m sure once you try it, you will be hooked like I was and will keenly keep an eye out for their next installment. Whatever their next beer is, I will certainly be excited. The Burdisson dwarf’s say, “We Make Mighty Good Ale!” and I would I have to say, “Aye I agree with that!”



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