Bento Box: Graham


a) Green Thai Chicken Curry // AZN Azian Cuisine
This was my first time eating at AZN Azian Cuisine, an Asian fusion cuisine restaurant. Right from the start, I saw the beautiful words Green Thai Curry carved into the menu and I knew I had the get that. First and foremost, the portion size of the Green Thai Curry was huge with a nice helping of rice on the side. The chicken was tender and the green curry really had infused itself in the meat. The sauce was not too watery, (which can happen sometimes with Green Thai Curry) and there was a great blend of coconut milk and curry so either ingredient didn’t overpower the other. This really was a great dish that I thoroughly enjoyed eating.

b) Custom Made Burger (I’ll call it the Graham Burger) // The Counter
I heard great things about The Counter and as always I was very eager to try a new burger place. The menu had many different burger choices but I opted to pick the Create Your Own Burger. So I started with a 2/3 lbs pounds burger. Why not?  1/3 lbs sounds too small! Next I picked the Danish blue cheese, mushrooms, horseradish mayo and for the burger to be cooked medium. When the “Graham Burger” arrived it was presented very elegantly on the plate. The first bite was awesome, the meat was juicy, cooked medium, mushrooms and blue cheese flavors exploding in my mouth. After a second, the horseradish mayo kicked in too which I always thinks compliments beef so well.  The burger on a whole was excellent but next time I will pick another cheese. Being a superb blue cheese, it had just too much gusto that overpowered the other flavors.

c) Stuffed Pizza // Aurelio’s Pizza
I had heard about this great dish called the Stuffed Pizza from Aurelio’s Pizza, so naturally I had to try it. What’s the best way to describe this dish? A slab of wonderful cheesy, pizza dough, tomato sauce goodness. This pizza is literally stuffed with mozzarella cheese to the point of bursting and to top it off a lot of tomato sauce sits on the top of the pie. I can eat a lot of pizza slices and let me tell you I had two slices and was stuffed also. If your craving massive amounts of cheese, this is the pizza pie for you!

d) Asian All You Can Eat Buffet // Shinju
This restaurant is fantastic! Super clean and modern, Shinju offers a massive selection of sushi, crab, cooked foods, hibachi, soups and desserts. First, I always pile my plate with the great tasting sushi that’s always fresh. Then a round of crab legs and claws followed by some shrimp and steak cooked on the hibachi grill. Excellent food, great place!



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