The Brew: Super Stouts

Previously, I talked about the most popular different types of beers, where, and when the beers were created. Now, I will bring you a series of the types of beer and the brands that you can try. I’ll start with talking about different stouts that I have tried and tasted through the years. Don’t worry, I’m not going to put anything about Guinness because you have heard that from me many times before. So, here are the brands worth mention:

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1. Murphy’s Irish Stout  ABV 4%: This is more of an unknown stout dwarfed by the popularity of its big brother, Guinness. It is a very dry stout with a hint of coffee. You can taste the roasted malts right away; it is refreshing and extremely balanced in flavor. This is a stout that is not as filling.

2. Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout ABV 9.00%: This Imperial stout is made in California by the North Coast Brewing Company. With an ABV of 9.00% it is a very strong stout. It has a roast chocolaty flavor that masks the strong alcohol content. There is a burst of hops when you first take a sip that I find dissipates very quickly.

3. Storm King Russian Imperial Stout ABV 9.10%: This imperial stout is made in Pennsylvania by the Victory Brewing Company. Again, quite hoppy at first but then a roasted malt flavor comes through that’s rich in chocolate, coffee, and caramel. It has a bitterness that lingers in the mouth, but  is also a bit dry. I found it almost velvety in texture.

4. Chocolate Stout ABV 6.00%: This American chocolate stout is made by Rogue Ales, which is based in Oregon. Rogue Ales has become very popular in recent years mainly because they make great beers. This stout tastes like a wonderful chocolate milk mated with an earthy stout. With a very smooth almost creamy texture, it’s a nice complement to any dessert.

5. Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout ABV 8.00%: The best way to describe the taste is oats and chocolate with a dash of roasted malts. It has a moderate sweetness with some bitterness and is thinner than most oatmeal stouts, making it less filling Also goes well with a nice dessert.

If you’ve never tried a stout, I hope you’ll consider one of my recommendations. If already love stouts, please share your favorites. Cheers!



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One Comment on “The Brew: Super Stouts”

  1. Donna Woodham
    March 30, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

    All sounds so yummy, will definetly try the stouts with the chocolate twist, thanks for the great info on these fine beverages…..cheers

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