Italian Culinary Experience with the Eating House

We’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the Italian Culinary Experience many times and we were pretty excited for this edition with Chef Georgio Rapicavoli. He is the chef and owner of one of Coral Gables popular restaurants, Eating House. Coming from an Italian & Argentinean nationality, we knew we were in for a treat.  Featured on Food Network’s Chopped in 2011, Georgio wowed the judges with his culinary skills. His cooking techniques are definitely unconventional but quite intriguing. We like his way of thinking but most importantly, his food tastes fantastic.

Here are some fun facts about the Chef: he loves Captain Crunch cereal, he recently won the Forbes 30 under 30 under Food and Wines Brightest Stars and his restaurant will be featured on a Cooking Channel show called Unique Eats.

For the welcome dish, it was paired with the ever familiar Zonin Prosecco. This white Sparkling wine is light and crisp tasting. This dish consisted of ripe vine tomatoes covered in a peanut sauce and topped with frozen coconut milk and mint leaves. The tomatoes were super fresh and mixed extremely well with the coconut milk and peanut sauce. The mint added a whole other flavor to the mix making this a very refreshing dish.

As seafood fans, we were delighted with the appetizer. Generous chunks of blue crab meat, with a hint of citrus from the grapefruit married well together. It was well-paired with the Rocca Di Montemassi Calasole 2011 and it is always a plus when we don’t find a shell in our seafood dishes too.

The first course was paired with Rocca Di Montemassi Le Focaie 2011. This red wine really paired well with grilled pork, not taking away any of the pork flavor but enhancing it. The smoked sweet potato was a nice addition to this dish as well as the cornbread breadcrumbs. The second course was paired with Rocca Di Montemassi Sassabruna 2010. We both thought that this was paired extremely well with the oxtail in General Tso’s sauce. For the oxtail, it was deep fried which gave it a lovely crisp texture on the surface but juicy and tender on the inside. The General Tso’s sauce really helped bring out the oxtail flavor. The fried cauliflower was made to look and taste just like fried rice and it really did. Graham really enjoyed this dish, “I am a huge fan of oxtail and I wish more people used it for fun dishes like this one.”

Dessert was HEAVENLY! It was made with hazelnut mousse, caramel, and then topped with crunchy Oreo crumbs. Paired with the sweet-maple tasting Castello D’Albola Vin Santo 2003, it was an excellent finish to the meal. According to Jenn, “It was definitely the cherry on top to this Eating House Culinary Experience!”



Eating House
804 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
+Facebook // @eating_house


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