How Eventful: Sprung Spring Craft Beer Festival

I had the pleasure of being invited to attend Sprung Spring Craft Beer Festival last week. I have been to many beer festivals in my life, but I have to say that Sprung was the best one I have been to. The atmosphere was welcoming and very chill. There was a definitely a festival feel in the air. It lacked the hustle and bustle of other beer festival I have been to which is a good thing. There was no pushing or shoving to get to the beer stands. People were happy and with smiles on their faces. The games section had a great vibe too with people playing beer pong, giant Jenga and corn hole. But the best thing about Sprung was the selection of beer that was available.

In total there were 128 different types of beer that everyone could taste. Some brands well known to others and other brands not so much. We got the rare privilege to even try beers that are hard to come by in South Florida like the Sweetwater Brewing Company’s 420 or Sweetwater Blue. I found some fantastic new beers that I absolutely loved and I had a few of my classics too. Fantasy Brewmasters Burdisson’s Dwarven Ale was astonishing. The Woodchuck Spring Cider was a taste of syrup heaven and the Sweetwater 420 was an absolute pleasure to drink (full review of these beers coming soon!). The food and beer pairing event was insightful and I also got to try some good food.

I thought Sprung Spring Craft Beer Festival was an utter success, giving the chance for beginner or expert to broaden their beer knowledge and taste buds. I would like to personally thank Tony Albelo for a great event and allowing me to partake in the Sprung Spring Beer Festival.



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