Bento Box: Jenn


a) Coffee // Nespresso Boutique
This coffee shop is located in the Lincoln Road shopping center in South Beach. The boutique is quite classy and vibrant with color.  It’s a great place to sip on some fancy coffee, people watch, or to just sit back & unwind. When you are done, they even have Nespresso merchandise ready for purchase.

b) Banh Mi  // Pho 78 
Banh Mi is one my favorite Vietnamese sandwiches. It is made out of grilled chicken, marinated pork, slices of pickled carrots and of course, a fried egg. Every time I bite into this sandwich it is always a party of flavors in my mouth. For a beverage, I usually pair it with their taro bubble tea.

c) Cuban Sandwich Spring Rolls // Blue Collar Miami 
This appetizer instantly caught my eye! I was thinking…A Cuban sandwich in an egg roll form?? Like any other Asian, I love my egg rolls and this particular type sparked my curiosity. From the instant crunch of the fried egg roll wrapper to the piping hot ham and melted cheese… let me tell you, it was awesome! For dessert, you MUST …I repeat…MUST try their bread pudding.

d) The Dork Burger //  Lunch Box Laboratory (Seattle, WA)
So I threw in a little west coast flavor into this mix and I could only describe this place as childhood memories meets a science lab. It’s a pretty unique concept that serves amazing food. I ordered the dork burger which is a combination of duck meat and pork- all in one burger. It is topped with jack cheese, onions and garlic mayo. I felt the juices running down my mouth and it was pure ecstasy. I paired my meal with a refreshing toxic tang cocktail.



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