No Seconds Please: Kitchen 305


Wednesdays tend to be good days. It’s the middle of the week and, for most, it means you’re halfway to the weekend. A few weeks ago, a few of us decided to have dinner at Kitchen305 and take part in their special Wednesday promotion – All You Can Eat Maine Lobster for $38. Ayeh made the reservation and we all made sure not to overeat earlier on the day of so we could really enjoy our big dinner. When we arrived we saw a large amount of people in the lobby, all waiting to get seated at the restaurant. Since we had called ahead, we checked in with the hostess and asked how long it would be until our table was ready. That’s when things started to get a bit tricky…

Even with the reservation, we were told that the wait was around 45 minutes. Still pretty hungry, we agreed to wait and almost an hour later we were sat in their makeshift extended dining room that was filled with plastic tables placed too close together. It was apparent that Kitchen305 had overbooked. Trying to make the best of things, we laughed and tried not to focus on how hungry we were. The meal itself came with a soup or salad, bread, potatoes and the lobster. Thankfully, it was all pretty tasty. The one catch was that you had to crack the lobsters yourselves – something that took a bit of practice if you hadn’t done it before. We told the waitress to keep the rounds coming, as most of us were getting through the shelled goodness quite quickly. Unfortunately, after about round three we were told that the kitchen had run out of lobster. On unlimited lobster night. Really? Yes.

It’d be an understatement to say we were disappointment. The waitress apologized about the news and spouted some pre-written apology, promising she’d deduct 20% from our bill – which according to her math turned out to be deducting only 20 cents. That’s when we asked to speak with the manager. When he got to the table, told him about our situation – how we ended up waiting even with a reservation. If we had been seated earlier, would they have ran out on lobsters on us? Probably not. He seemed apologetic but also filled with excuses, telling us that he was only subbing for the real manager.

Sadly, what started as a meal we were all excited about turned into a showcase of terrible planning on the restaurant’s part including an incredible lack of customer service. Overall, it was a lousy experience that ended with us going somewhere else to “finish” dinner.

“Most importantly, we were still hungry.” –Dee

“The price for all you can eat lobster is great, but with the horrible service and experience, it is definitely not worth it.” – Mo

“It’s safe to say that I would never recommend Kitchen 305 to anyone I ever come into contact with after that experience.” –Ayeh

“You are better off saving the money and eating at your local Red Lobster. Kitchen 305 is a disgrace to the food scene in South Florida.” –Honey

“…all we got was a substitution manager who didn’t care to do a decent job and thought we would pity his excuses. In the end, it took us just as long to leave as it did to sit down.” –Mark

Kitchen 305
16701 Collins Ave
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33216
+Facebook // @kitchen_305


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