Bento Box: Ayeh


a) Maine Lobster Mac and Cheese with a Side of Truffle Fries and Parmesan // OTC
This savory mac and cheese, with a surprisingly generous amount of lobster, was a steal at $10! Although I would have appreciated a thicker cut, the fries were fresh and the truffle oil drizzle enhanced the flavor. The restaurant has rustic and hipster feel. The “over the counter” service fit the restaurant perfectly because it is a casual eatery where you can easily order what you want. I definitely want to visit again – especially for their unlimited mimosa brunch special!

b) Hawaiian Popcorn // Hot Pot
A unique blend of sesame crackers, seaweed, and popcorn gives this appetizer dish its variety of flavor – definitively, not the normal buttered popcorn. I’m not sure if this is normally offered on their menu, but you can definitely ask for it. The unique blend of Asian seasoning will kick up the spice for every taste bud, and it’s really light to eat in between the Hot Pots or the Shabang Crawfish.

c) Wet Chicken Burrito // I Love Tacos
“Award winning” are usually two words that make my decision when choosing something from a newly visited restaurant. The burrito was uh-ma-zing and it was topped with a delicious four cheese sauce (hence the name ‘wet’). To top it off, the server brought two different salsas to go with it and it was a perfectly matched addition to my dish. it was a big meal for less than $10!

d) Truffle Hot Chocolate // Corner Bakery
The truffle hot chocolate was the perfect blend of milky and chocolaty. I’m an avid chocolate milk lover and found this to be the ideal amount of richness (ladies, this satisfies all cravings)! They also have a decent cafe con leche and offer a wide selection of baked goods that pair well with their hot chocolate as well.

– Ayeh


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Addicted to Asian cuisine & spicy foods. Closet video game & comic nerd. Aspiring makeup artist & optometrist. Forever curious & loves gaining new perspectives.


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