Ramen-iscing: A Meal at MOMI

I have been looking for a really good noodle place ever since I moved here a little over year ago. I’ve been to a few spots but nothing lived up to the noodles I had in NYC… until now.


MOMI opened its doors December 1st, in a small space off S Miami ave in Brickell. I got the chance to try their marvelous food for the first time a few days before Christmas. It was a bit chilly that week so it seemed like the perfect time to have some ramen.

When I arrived with my party we noticed we were one seat short, but lucky for us we didn’t have to wait long. We got seated around the communal table and from the beginning the staff was very nice. We got started with an order of the pork buns before taking our pick of ramen. These were not your average pork buns. It was a thick cut of glazed pork between two steamed buns. The meat was scrumptious – with a layer of fat on one side that just melted in my mouth.

As for ramen, I ordered the Takana Nameko Ramen with Nameko Mushrooms, ground pork belly, green onion & Hanjuku egg in Tonkutsu gravy. The gravy broth was much thicker than it was with typical ramen. It was full of flavor and ground pork, which was cooked perfectly. The noodles… Oh, the noodles are something I have been raving about since I tried them. You can tell that the noodles were made in-house that day! It’s a world a difference compared to noodles that I’ve had at other ramen places. The flavor of the fresh noodles can be compared to fresh made pasta. They absorb flavor of the broth and pork so even when you don’t have any meat in the bite you can still taste it.

If MOMI keeps putting out this kind of quality ramen then this is going to stay my #1 noodle spot here in Miami. I wish I lived closer to it because I would be there at least 4 times a week.

Where do you get your favorite bowl of ramen?


5 SW 11th Street
Miami, FL 33130
+Facebook // @MOMIRamen


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