For the Love of Food: Valentine’s Day Dining in South Florida

Whether you’ve been with your special someone for five months or five years, you really shouldn’t need an excuse for a nice time together. With work and life getting in the way, it’s sometimes hard to schedule quality time with your partner so Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make up for that. With only a few days left, we wanted to share a few places that we think are perfect for dinner with your sweet.

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Rusty Pelican
This waterfront restaurant has great food, lovely service, and a stunning view of Miami’s skyline.” – Jenn

The Cheese Course
“To avoid the craziness of packed restaurants, I love taking food to go and being at a more intimate setting. One of my favorites was having The Cheese Course to go and having it at a park for a picnic!” – Lotus

The Forge
“I’d rather have a girls night out at Blue Martini on Valentines Day and stray away from the cheesiness; but I wouldn’t mind being fancy at The Forge.” – Honey

Il Toscano
“To me nothing says a romantic meal for two better then Italian food. Il Toscano set in picturesque Weston is a great place for great wine and authentic Italian food.” – Graham

The Federal Miami
“To me, Valentine’s Day is about the person that I am in love with and sharing some extra special time together. Personally, The Federal does a great job with their dimly lit patio, wood tables, and accents – which make for a nice romantic dinner for 2.” – Mark

“For me, Valentine’s Day is about creating an experience. I love the terrace at Juvia because of it’s spectacular view – perfect for dinner and reminiscing about the past or talking about the future.” – Dee

“I’m forever a hopeless romantic. My favorite restaurant is Roy’s: perfect ambiance, delicious food, and quiet setting. And if there are dark red roses in the mix and a stroll somewhere romantic, my Valentine’s Day is made!” – Ayeh

The Melting Pot
The Melting Pot offers an intimate, romantic setting, with great cheese fondue, a variety of entrees, and delicious chocolate fondue on the menu.” – Mo


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2 Comments on “For the Love of Food: Valentine’s Day Dining in South Florida”

  1. Marlena
    February 13, 2013 at 2:32 am #

    Love this list. I should show it to my boyfriend and tell him I require one of the above for Valentine’s Day hehehe 😉

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