The Brew: History of Beer

historybeer01The last post I wrote about was a brief description of beer and my top 5 brands of all time. Now it’s time to dive into the world of beer and find out more about it… like where it came from? Or what are the different types? You should go grab yourself a beer while reading this. Cheers!

Our friend, beer, has seen the rise and fall of great empires and leaders throughout our history. There is no set date in time, nor do we know who first created beer, but beer is believed to have been started brewing in the early Neolithic period around 9500BC! The first actual documented recipes were found from the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian empires. Just to compare, wine’s earliest production took place in Georgia around 6000BC. So beer has at least 3500 years on it! Now you know beer is extremely old made by empires now long since past. Nothing has stood the test of time better then beer!

Beer is made by many different brands and comes in a lot of flavors and colors. If you’re new to beer it can be confusing with all the different types that are in the market. I will break down the main types of beer commonly consumed today. Let me tell you though that there are many, many sub categories maybe even hundreds in fact that won’t be listed.

historybeer02a) Lager/ Pale Lager  // ex. BudweiserStella ArtoisFoster’s
Pale larger is the most commonly consumed beer in the world. It is brewed at lower temperatures then other types. The first fermentation stage is around 45F-55F and the second stage is around 32F-39F. This beer is typically golden color and has a light crisp taste to it.

b) Pale Ale // ex. BoddingtonsSierra NevadaStone Pale Ale
Pale ale is a beer that is made by using a top fermenting yeast and primarily pale malts. This also is a largely consumed beer throughout the world. It is a very smooth and very easy to drink.

c) Stout/Porter // ex. Murphy’sAnchor PorterThe Taddy Porter 
These beers are very dark in color, thick and heavy. These beers get their color from using dark roasted malts or roasted barley. Perhaps the most famous stout in the world is Guinness.

d) Wheat // ex. Shock TopBlue MoonHoegaarden
As the name suggests wheat beer is made with a large proportion of wheat and are usually top fermented. Wheat beers have a large range of flavors and some have a cloudy clarity.

I hope this has been educational and fun to read, now the best way to learn is to try. So the next time you go out, don’t get the same beer you get every time and try a different brand or better yet try a different type!



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