Bento Box: Mo


a) Blue Ocean Punch Bowl // Benihana
This refreshing cocktail is a mixture of alcohol and juices that leaves you feeling like you are on a tropical island. This drink comprises of Malibu rum, Sky pineapple vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice, lemonade and since Benihana is a Japanese restaurant, some sake.

b) Medium Stone Crabs // Joe’s Stone Crabs
Caught fresh off the Florida Keys and the Gulf Coast, these stone crabs are a taste of heaven. The claws have a naturally sweet flavor, but what makes the stone crabs special is Joe’s not so secret mustard sauce. The mustard sauce is made of mustard, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and A-1 sauce, which compliments the crabs beautifully.

c) Leg of lamb, Lamb chop, Picanha, and Churrasco // Texas de Brazil
With 14 cuts of meat brought to you table-side, Texas de Brazil is a meat lovers paradise. The meats on my plate were cooked medium rare and all seasoned to perfection. Tip: Don’t get too much meat as it will cool quickly. The frequency of the servers coming around will guarantee that you have a warm cut of meat on your place at a moments notice.

d) Dulce de leche Crepe Dessert  // Las Vacas 
Reading Honey’s post  on Las Vacas had me drooling for this crepe. Two caramel crepes are flambeed with rum and topped with ice cream. A great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and end a great meal.



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