Bento Box: Mark

a) Short Rib Rice Bowl //Cooper Avenue

I’ve gotta say that this is one of the best lunch deals around Miami Beach. Let me start with the Short Rib – slow cooked and finger licking good. The meat is so tender and just falls apart when you stick your fork in it. At a price of $7, lay that over a bed of your choice of white or asian rice with a free can of soda and get ready for this, OR beer… Yes, I said a can of beer, like Blue Moon. You have in my opinion- the perfect lunch.

b) Eggs Anyways // Tap 42

This was my first time at Tap 42 and I am planning to head back there soon. I got their Eggs Anyway and I like my eggs sunny side up, which they made perfectly. It also came with delicious crispy bacon and their homemade potatoes. Simply using fresh ingredients makes a regular dish one that I would order again and again.

c) United States Cheese Course // The Cheese Course

I was really surprised by this course as I did not expect it to be so good. It came with 3 cheeses: Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese from California which was very fresh, Old Chatham Camembert from New York with a bloomy rind and Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Wisconson which was a hard cheese. Accompanying the cheeses was a sun-dried tomato pesto and a homemade cranberry raspberry relish. Both the pesto and the relish go well with all the cheeses so I suggest experimenting on your own.

d) Pan American Colada // First Trust
This amazing creation is definitely one of a kind in my book. Made with Leblon Cachaca, Plantation over proof rum, fresh coconut, freshly squeezed pineapple, freshly squeezed lime, Kalamansi pulp, toasted coconut and liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen is an awesome touch, especially if you are watching it get made but its used to freeze the crazy amount of alcohol that actually goes into this drink. It came with a spoon because the consistency is like soft serve ice cream for the first few minutes but after that the spoon becomes obsolete. If you have a chance to try this beauty –  DO IT! CHEERS!!!

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