The Brew: Five Beers You Have to Try

graham-beerFor almost a year now The Collective Plate has been giving our thoughts and opinions on food and the amazing restaurants that surround us. As much as I love food – and I do love food – I do love something just as much, or maybe a bit more: BEER! I have been fascinated with it since I took my first sip many moons ago. I don’t think any other alcoholic beverage offers as many types and flavors as beer does. It is the third most consumed beverage in the world right behind water and then tea.

In recent years, America has exploded on the beer scene – opening the flood gates to many great independent breweries. Countless different types of beers are available in many bars, restaurants and even supermarkets. With so many beers circulating (which is a great thing) there is one problem… how to figure out which ones are amazing, good, average and subpar.

Well, have no fear! I have the daunting (& happy) task of trying all these beers and letting you know what’s the top of the top and the bottom of the pile. I will start today by giving you my favorite top 5 beers of all time. Let’s see who made the list…

1. Guinness (stout 4.20%) – This has to be my favorite beer of all time. Dark, rich, smooth and creamy are the best words to describe it. Many people believe it to be a very fattening beer, but in fact it has less calories then the common lager. It has plenty of iron in it too so I guess it’s like eating your veggies, lol.

2. Kronenbourg 1664 (Lager 5.90%)- This used to be in my number one spot for many years but my taste buds looked elsewhere for new flavors. This lager is very refreshing and has a citrous fruity taste blended with a slightly bitter flavor, making it a very well balanced beer. Hey, its been around since 1664 you know it must be good.

3. Boddingtons (Pale Ale 4.70%)- This is by far the smoothest beer you will ever get to drink. It’s like drinking silk from a glass. This ale has a slight honey buttery taste to it and goes down very, very easily. Be warned: Before you know it you will have finished a six pack of this great tasting beer so take it nice and slow.

4. Purple Haze (Fruit wheat beer 4.20%)- I normally really dislike fruity beers but when my friend made me try this one I fell in love with it instantly. It’s made with raspberry puree, which gives it its slight purple color. Slightly sweet with a tart flavor. Go try one, you will be glad you did.

5. Shipyard Pumpkinhead(Pumpkin Ale 4.70%)- This seasonal ale, like Christmas, comes just once a year and gives me great satisfaction when it’s here. I have tried many different pumpkin ales but this one is my favorite. The spice is not too intense like some pumpkin ales can be. Refreshing and yummy in my tummy. It comes out around fall time, so make sure to pick some up.


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