Bento Box: Ayeh

I took a small trip to Orlando recently and tried to visit more of my favorite restaurants (sadly enough, I still have yet to discover restaurants in South Florida that match these). Having lived 6 years of my 20s in Orlando, I have a lot of great recommendations so I hope you enjoy 4 more spots!


a) Macaroni and Cheese and Truffle Oil (and BACON) Hot Dog // Fairfax Fare in Hollywood Studios
If you venture towards Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Rollercoaster, on the left you’ll see a market side selling the pick-up-and-go style meals. Right at the front, there’s a part that sells the most amazing hot dogs I’ve ever seen at a theme park. The one you see above: truffle mac and cheese with bacon bits. I mean, seriously (yes, I mean that as a statement). It was such a rich blend of cheese and truffle oil – I love me some truffle oil – but not TOO sharp of cheddar; it was a surprisingly amazing combination. More of the gourmet hot dogs offered: barbecue pork and cole slaw and a burrito hot dog.

b) Mango Black Tea & Strawberry Gelato // Infusion Tea
In the heart of all things hipster aka College Park, there’s a modern tea shop that sells ORGANIC loose leaf tea (black, green, red, white.. all the colors of the tea rainbow!) that you can steep as you hang out with some friends. They also sell an assortment of desserts, salads, and sandwiches (some of which are gluten-free and vegan!) that pair well with the different teas. Make sure to check out their tea of the day!  Pictured above is their mango black tea (reminiscent of most asian tea shops in the area so I’m impressed) and their strawberry gelato (light and savory)! And if you’re celebrating a bridal/baby/girls day-type shower/celebration, then reserve a special table for large parties.

c) Neopolitan Cupcake // Blue Bird Bake Shop
This is a quaint little cupcake bake shop in Baldwin Park. If you arrive earlier in the day, they have more unique options (chocolate guinness, chocolate rose, vanilla black pepper, and chai to name a few) but don’t worry all you red velvet lovers out there, they will always have that (like most bake shops, they make a certain amount everyday and once it’s sold out, that it)! I was lucky enough to snag a Neopolitan cupcake with strawberry ice cream; two words = moist and delicious! If you’re lucky, you can even find their cupcakes in other restaurants *cough * Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria.

d) 10lbs. of Cajun, Garlic Crawfish // New Orleans Cajun Seafood
I literally always save the best for last.  THIS is, by far, my favorite restaurant I have EVER visited (I would italicize and underline, but it looks tacky so I hope you get how amazing this is). With a sort-of “rustic” look to this place (I’m being nice… this is one of those books you don’t judge by its cover), New Orleans Cajun Seafood offers peel and eat seafood by the pound.  I personally always purchase 2 lbs. – don’t judge me, 1 lb. is NOT enough – of their crawfish with cajun and garlic seasoning mixed for myself, but pictured above is 10 lbs. worth so they can easily satisfy a crowd! There are no words to describe how amazing this spicy (not for those spicy-sensative tongues) and delicious dish is. I wouldn’t take a first date here because it does get messy, but this is a MUST HAVE in Orlando.

– Ayeh


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