Calling All Chocolate Lovers: Tierra Nueva’s Chocolate Demonstration with Chef Rapicavoli

RapicavoliWhat better way to close Art Basel than with dessert! The Collective Plate had the great pleasure of attending a Tierra Nueva chocolate demonstration at the Stage Miami this past Sunday. We found ourselves in an oasis of indulgence. The talented Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli from Food Network’s Chopped and the Eating House took center stage as he impressed his guests with the artistic execution of his two Tierra Nueva’s chocolate inspired dishes. Chef Giorgio proudly stated, “If cooking is an art, than we’re making graffiti.” Chef Giorgio is always inventing a new type of dish that creates an unexpected joy for the taste buds. He is never afraid to take risks in the kitchen and this was pretty obvious at his live chocolate demonstration.scallop-whitechoc

Chef Giorgio took me by surprise when he explained the components of his first dish: pan seared scallops and Tierra Nueva’s white chocolate and parsnip puree. I love scallops and I love white chocolate, but I never imagined the beauty of the two combined. He sprinkled the scallops with powdered brown butter as a finishing touch before serving them to the guests. The scallops were succulent and perfectly seared. The white chocolate paired perfectly with the light buttery scallops and heightened the overall sweetness of the dish.

The last dish was Chef Giorgio’s “Tierra Misu” which was made with Tierra Nueva’s espresso, latte, and americano coffee thins. Chef Giorgio created a layer of lady finger mousse with Mascarpone and Zantum Rum and topped it with coffee salt. The final component to tie Chef Giorgio’s “Tierra Misu” together was his ladyfinger milkshake. Each layer of the “Tierra Misu” had a different texture which made it unique and fun to eat. Bravo Chef! Another job well done!chocolatedessert2

If you missed the demonstration, be sure to make your way to the Eating House, where you will find more of Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli’s innovative foodie creations.



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