Bento Box: Jenn


a. Galbee // Myung Ga Tofu and Barbecue in Weston, FL
Galbee is one my favorite Korean dishes! It is marinated in a sweet fruit sauce then barbequed to perfection.  At Myung Ga, your dish is accompanied by a few side dishes such as kimchee, flavorful bean sprouts, and a refreshing green salad topped with a sweet sesame seed white dressing. Certain nights the servers dress up in their traditional Korean attire.

b. Bread Pudding // Morgan’s
Morgan’s has some of the best bread pudding I have ever sunk my teeth into. This particular night the chef made a granola chocolate chip bread pudding and it was simply amazing. Warm and made with love. He was so kind enough to pack me a slice that he made which was a strawberry/blueberry bread pudding straight from the oven. Sigh…I’m still dreaming about it.

c. Baked Empanadas // GO-GO Fresh Food Cafe
The baked to order empanadas here are so great and they have a wide variety to choose from. My go to flavors are their shrimp scampi, chicken pot pie, and their nutella with bananas. I will choose baked than fried empanadas any day and I always leave here guilt free.

d. Crab Meat Beignet // Mister Collins
The local blue crab beignets with old bay aioli were so delicious. It was crispy and had a generous portion of crab meat. It wasn’t greasy and it definitely didn’t taste like I was eating just batter. This appetizer could be easily eaten in one sitting. Kind of like crab meat popcorn. I heard the brunch here is excellent with a beautiful view of the waterway and I’m definitely going to check that out.

– Jenn


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