Tis the Season: From Our Plate to Yours

Shopping for presents, gift wrapping, and big meals with family and friends… it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like the holidays!

2012 seems to be flying by us, but what a memorable year it was. The Collective Plate was born in February and here we are! We hope that all your Thanksgiving celebrations were filled with delicious food and unforgettable moments.

We wanted to share a little of what was on our plate during Thanksgiving and hope you share your favorites with us too! Leave your comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.


a. “I like to break away from the cliche Thanksgiving meal. My favorite dish of the night was the grilled tilapia wrapped around spinach and cheese. The sauce was creamy and delightful.”Β 
– Mo
b. “Sweet heaven ham. Great on sandwiches too.”
– Graham
c. “It is not a Thanksgiving feast without a sweet potato casserole, in particular, the one below. It’s topped with marshmallow and candied pecans, ooey gooey goodness.”
– Honey
d. “This was my first year making butternut squash mac & cheese and it was a hit. The squash pairs well with the 3 cheeses I used.”
– Dee
e. “My favorite has to be Mac n cheese. It goes well with turkey, with mashed potatoes, gravy and everything else on the table. Cheese is always necessary, no matter the holiday!”
– Lotus
f. “Stuffed mushrooms with cheese and andouille sausage. They’re awesome. Super awesome, even.”
– Mark
g. “Creamy mac & cheese is one of my favorite comfort side dishes during the holidays. It’s warm, irresistible, and tasty for the foodie soul.”
– Jenn
h. “There are no words: Braso de Mercedes. YUM!”
– Ayeh


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