Bento Box: Lotus

Save money, save calories is my motto. Though every now and then (which seems to be a lot as of late) you have to LIVE A LITTLE! Read what I like to splurge on πŸ™‚

a) Black Forest Ham // The Cheese Course
A sandwich with black forest ham, Brie, raspberry cranberry relish, and greens. Yes, yes and yes. I’m a BIG cheese lover. When I first went here, I was excited to find a sandwich shop that uses more then the everyday American cheese. Along with the sandwich, I love to get “The Cheese Course” where you can choose from 1-3 cheeses along with accompaniments. Heaven.

b) Shawarma // Levy’s Kosher of Hollywood
I went out to eat with my coworkers for lunch and two of them can only eat Kosher food so it was exciting to try a place I’ve never been to before. I copied what the majority of my group had, which was the Shawarma, which is marinated roasted turkey with lamb. If I remember correctly, I had Israeli salad tossed in it along with a white sauce that was incredible inside a pita. I’ll be back for more Kosher food indeed!

c) Keen Eye for the Shepard’s Pie // Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant
“We give the traditional Shepherd’s Pie a little makeover with our contemporary twist to this favorite dish.” This pub is absolutely gorgeous and it sits inside Orlando’s Downtown Disney. They have a lot of great food selections and what caught my attention was the Shepard’s Pie. My fiance is from the UK so these foods were all familiar to me. The presentation was immaculate. Seriously, look at that photo.

d) Jamon y Queso Tostada // Manolo
Jamon y Queso Tostada translates as Ham & Cheese Toast. $4.50! Cut into 4 pressed and toasty sandwiches — the cheesiness is what gets my taste buds happy. Affordable & Delicious. (and fast service!)



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