Bento Box: Graham

a. Beer Sampler // BJ Brewhouse
BJ Brewhouse strikes again with another tasty treat. This time it is the fabulous beer sampler! BJ Brewhouse has many tasty hand crafted beers, the problem is I never know which one to pick. Well they made the beer sampler to solve that problem. The sampler is 8 half pint glasses filled with different beers of your choosing. The range of beers go from pale ale’s all the way to stouts. It’s a great thing to try if your new to beer that way you can find what type of beer fits your taste buds.

b. Meatball Pizza // El Tamarindo
This little Italian restaurant was a great find, it offers a wide range of Italian foods that taste great and are not too expensive. I ordered the meatball pizza which was excellent. The crust was thin and crispy and the sauce was a great blend of seasonings. They added plenty of meatballs and cheese. This is definitely one of the better pizza’s I have had. If you’re looking for good Italian food and a great pizza head down to El Tamarindo in Hallendale, you won’t be disappointed.

c. Gyro Platter // Gyroville
I have to say Lotus and I love Gyroville! I have tried many different dishes from there and they are all just as fresh and tasty as each other. The one dish I hadn’t tried was the Gyro Platter. It is excellent value for money! it comes with a plate full of gyro meat, sliced pita, fries and a full Greek salad. It really is gyro heaven, if you have a big appetite this is the dish for you.

d. Dry Traditional Cider // Angry Orchard
Angry Orchard is a company that has exploded on the Cider scene. They offer a wide range of different type’s of ciders that are to be honest, very, very good. My favorite kind is the dry traditional cider, it’s not too sweet and it is very easy to drink. Great for hot days! If you like ciders give the Angry Orchard brand a try.



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