The Best of Brunch: The Federal Miami

Brunch is easily anyone’s most enjoyable meal of the week. My favorite kind of brunches are the ones that are long and spent with friends and tasty drinks. The ideal location is a space that’s comfortable and inviting with a staff that’s similar. Mark and I found this and food that’s more than blog-worthy at The Federal Miami.

Like many restaurants, The Federal is conveniently located in one of the many strip malls off Biscayne Boulevard and describes itself as a ‘modern American tavern.’ True to its slogan, the place has a rustic charm that starts with wooden tables and a smile as you enter. I appreciate a place where the staff not only asks you what’d you like but also how you’re doing. We went for Sunday brunch and it was packed. Did we mention that unlimited mimosas are only $16 per person?

We started with the Jar-O-Duck and let me begin with stating that this a must-try when at The Federal. If you don’t eat duck a lot this might change your consumption habits. Hudson Valley duck is slow cooked, shredded, then jarred. It’s served with charred fluff (yes, marshmallow), slices of candied sweet potatoes, and warm crostini-like bread. It can get confusing if you’ve never had it before, so let me break it down for you. Top the crispy toasted bread with a spoonful of the duck, a dollop of the fluff, then cut off a slice of the sweet potato to finish it off. While this might sound a bit extreme, we firmly believe it’s the very definition of marriage between the sweet and savory.

To see what what we had for our entrees check out the gallery below.
Remember, bigger is better – enlarge for a more awesome viewing experience!

We’re happy to say that The Federal has become a mainstay when it comes to brunch options. Prices are quite fair and each time we’ve been there the food has been excellent and the service exceptional. And they’ve got a KILLER soundtrack. Plus, you’ve got to admire a restaurant that’s socially savvy. (Check out The Federal Miami on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.)

One last reason to visit (as if you needed one): their Foursquare perks include free dessert so we definitely recommend checking in!

Where’s your favorite brunch spot?

-Dee & Mark
@candidcomments // @NotMarkZ

The Federal Miami
5132 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami Beach, FL 33137

+Facebook // @DiningRoomPopUp


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