Bento Box: Honey

a. Chili Passion Caipirinha // Sunset Lounge
Located in the swanky Mondrian Hotel, the Sunset Lounge has become a popular Happy Hour spot in South Beach. Their cocktail menu offers a variety of fancy cocktails that can make any woman feel luxurious. I am a huge fan of their caipirinhas, especially the Chili Passion Caipirinha, it’s refreshing, delicious, and strong. Sunset Lounge spoils Miami with an around-the-clock happy hour, meaning from 6pm-7pm cocktails and bar bites are $6, from 7pm-8pm $7, and from 8pm-9pm everything on the bar menu is $9. The best part, you can catch the sun setting overlooking the Miami skyline.

b. Lamburger with Goat Cheese // Green Street Café
If you are in search for a great brunch spot, check out Green Street Café in Coconut Grove. The outdoor seating makes it a perfect place to relax and people watch. There are a lot of great selections on the brunch menu but my favorite is the Lamburger topped with goat cheese. The flavor of perfectly seasoned grilled lamb and creamy goat cheese makes a perfect combination. It will leave your taste buds asking for more. You also have to try the Banana Pancakes while you sip on your mimosa. Cheers to Sunday Brunch!

c. Chocolate Banana Pistachio Truffle Ice cream Sammie // Coolhaus
The Coolhaus food truck brings back childhood memories of summer days spent chasing down ice cream trucks in the neighborhood. The concept of having a customized all-natural gourmet ice cream sandwiches is brilliant. The menu is creative and unique serving Ginger Molasses cookie, Coconut Almond cookie; and ice cream flavors like Choocolate Chipotle, Candied Bacon, Oil and Rosemary and the list goes on. It is a fine medley of sustainability and creativity. Being the truffle lover that I am, it should come to no surprise that I fell in love with the Chocolate Banana Pistachio Truffle Ice Cream Sammie. Two thumbs up Coolhaus! Find them at the BTTR on Tuesday evenings!

d. Hot Mama Cucumber Roll // Sushi Room
For all the sushi lovers out there, be sure to check out this sake lounge in the Young Circle. Sushi Room serves the best Japanese tapas in Hollywood and always serves fresh sushi. It is an excellent choice for a late night bite and drinks at the bar. The Hot Mama Roll is definitely a crowd pleaser, but I prefer mines rolled in cucumber. The spicy tuna never disappoints at Sushi Room. Other great things you can find on the menu are the Spicy Octopus, Salmon Carpaccio, and the Wagyu Kobe Beef Tataki. They also have a specialty pomegranate soy sauce, which I recommend to those who are looking for a sweeter palate. My sake of choice is always the Sparkling Ozeki Hana Awaka because it is light and refreshing. Kampai!



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