The Real Deal: Saving with Coupons in the Digital Age

As I receive my banking statement each month, I realize how many times I go out to eat on a monthly basis. It’s A LOT.

I was never the type of person to go through newspapers and cut the coupons out unless something caught my eye. Let me tell you, it’s a money saver! Anything from 40% off to buy one, get one free — and if you are lucky “free with no purchase necessary”. Now that we’re in the digital age, there are no need for newspapers — there are coupons in QR code and Microsoft tag form on your smart phone waiting to be utilized!

Also if you subscribe to websites like Groupon, Living Social and Travel Zoo you will find great deals and restaurants you may never even heard of along with other deals for travel and different activities. I found La Coriona through Living Social and have been addicted to it since!

Though I found that the best deals lately have been subscribing to the actual restaurants you adore. This past month, I managed to get one 6 inch sub from Subway and get the other 6 inch sub free. Another deal was from one of my favorite places, Gyroville — 2 Pitas for $10! We’ve also had 2 Gyro Platters for $20 which also came with 2 beverages, fries and a salad. That’s a steal!

I know some people see these emails as spam or find cutting out and printing these coupons are a pain – but I promise you, it’s worth it. Every penny counts!



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