Go Team Go: Tailgating Tips for Rain or Shine

My favorite time of the year is here! No not Christmas, but FOOTBALL SEASON. It’s that time where early mornings are filled with the aroma of grilled meat and ice cold beers. Tailgating is an amazing, fun experience where you and your loved ones get together, cheer your team on and most importantly eat good food. I have been tailgating for well over a decade now and I have it down to a science. Many people cook a variety of different foods. Here I will share with you my favorite dishes for all different occasions.

For Good Weather/ Early Arrivals
Bubba Burgers: These burgers are my favorite type of frozen burgers. They are a good size, normally very juicy and most importantly have a good beefy taste. They are even better when topped with fresh cut mature sharp cheddar.

Ball Park Beef Franks: These hotdogs right now are my favorite. They have great bold hotdog flavor and are super easy to grill. Just make sure you don’t have your grill too hot! You don’t want burnt franks.

Skirt Steak Sandwich: Make sure you get a good cut of skirt steak and marinate in teriyaki sauce the night before. Put that sucker on the grill and cook until desired temperature. When it’s done, put it on a white bread roll with some mayo and ketchup.

Beer Bratwurst: You can use about any Bratwurst you want, the night before marinate them in a Ziplock bag with Guinness. The next day put them on the grill and serve them with sides of different types of mustard. These are really good.

-For Bad Weather/ Late Arrivals-
Publix Subs: If you don’t have time to grill or the weather is just plain awful – have no fear. Go down to your local Publix and get yourself one of their many fresh made subs. They use Boars Head meat and fresh ingredients. To be honest, they are my favorite subs around South Florida.

Steve’s Pizza: By now you all should know I love Steve’s pizza. If you’re in the North Miami area, head over there get a pizza to go! It’s another awesome quick fix tailgating food.

Of course drinks are important, with this good food you should have good beer. I recommend Kirin Ichiban for the lager lovers. For a stout, you can’t go wrong with Guinness or Murphy’s. If it’s a smooth ale your after go for Boddingtons. Angry Orchard has some amazing selections of ciders also. Try the food, taste the beers and have a blast at the games.

Cheers! Go Dolphins!



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