Bento Box: Ayeh

a. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings // Jersey’s Wings
A local, relatively hidden pub, Jersey’s is known for it’s hospitality (and really cheap beer).  My food of choice at this place are their wings and Honey Garlic is definitely my favorite out of all the flavors (Danno being a very close second!). They also have the biggest peel-and-eat shrimp along with an amazing order of sweet potato fries with marshmallow fluff. Perfect place to watch a game in a quaint setting.

b. Shrimp and Dried Scallop Dim Sum // Chef Philip Ho
Dim sum is my go-to meal especially the next day after a good night out on the town.  Chef Philip Ho serves the usual entrees (shrimp dumplings, pork shumai, sesame seed balls, etc.) but they also serve things I’ve never had before. This was my favorite of all the ones I tried: not too shrimpy and the idea of dried scallop is different from how it actually tastes. DELISH! Another must try is the Lava Custard Buns.

c. Taro Boba // Shin Wang
Ok, so I know I’ve already posted a bento box with a bubble tea order, but I have to say that this is THE BEST boba I have ever had (and trust that I’ve been to many many MANY boba tea restaurants).  Shin Wang is what I consider a “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant because you would never expect the food to be amazing looking from the outside.  A family run establishment, they offer many food items but are known for their bubble teas.  Taro with tapioca pearls is my drink of choice!

d. Mango Pudding // China Pavilion Dim Sum
On the corner of Pines Blvd. and Flamingo Rd. (in the shopping plaza where Publix is) is another dim sum restaurant that serves authentic dim sum (no carts, sorry!).  What I believe is the best in Pembroke Pines, China Pavilion is relatively close to my home (and is one of our usual after-Church restaurants).  Their mango pudding does not disappoint!  It even has chunks of mango! YUM.



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