Bento Box: Mo

a. Swedish Meatballs // Ikea Restaurant
What’s my favorite meatball? The Swedish meatballs from the Ikea Restaurant. For $3.99, you get 15 delicious meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries smothered in their signature gravy. These meatballs are juicy and succulent, and the lingonberries adds a nice sweet pop that complements the meatballs.

b. Gyro on a Pita Bread with Hummus Sauce // Gyroville
Where’s my favorite place to get a gyro? Gyroville. I usually build my own, which is the gyro on a pita bread with hummus sauce. This pita is sensational, with a very generous portion of gyro, very fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions, topped with the hummus sauce. I can’t get enough of this fresh healthy meal which is packed with flavor.

c. 10 oz Grilled Picanha // Giraffas
What’s my best find this month? Giraffas, with two locations now open and 3 more locations opening soon. This Brazilian steak and burger restaurant is great and the price is reasonable. I had a 10oz grilled picanha ($11.90), which is a top sirloin cut, cooked medium rare. Served with three sides, I had white rice, mashed potatoes, and tried something new: Brazilian Farofa, which is Brazilian seasoned manioc flour with eggs, bacon, onions, and parsley. I found the Farofa to be dry, which I did not enjoy, but the picanha was juicy. It was served with chimi churri sauce, which was exquisite and added a Latin American taste.

d. Triple Steakburger // Steak ‘n Shake
What’s one of my favorite ‘sober up’ burgers? The triple steakburger from Steak ‘n Shake. I love their Frisco Melt but I always get a triple steakburger, which is my poor man version of the Frisco melt. I order it with Swiss cheese, American cheese, and Frisco sauce, which are all staples of the Frisco melt, and top it off with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The Frisco sauce makes this burger special, as it is a sweet and tangy sauce that is so flavorful. Oh.. and don’t forget the Frisco sauce on the side to dip your fries in.



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