Las Vacas Gordas: The Fat Cows

If you are visiting Miami, don’t waste your time with the tourist trap restaurants on Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road. Do your taste buds a favor and enjoy an amazing meal at Las Vacas Gordas, a true Argentinian experience. Las Vacas Gordas has been around for over 15 years. As the doors open in to Las Vacas Gordas, the aroma of char grilled beef hit your sense of smell and wakens your appetite. To the right, you can see an open grill (paramilla) with grilled meat which gets me excited because I know I am in an authentic Argentinian restaurant. Argentine Grills are designed to grill meats, mainly beef, slowly over a bed of hot charcoal.

I’ve become a regular here and I highly recommend the Jamon Crudo con Marron y Provelta for appetizers, the Enrollada for your main course, and the chef’s specialty – Panqueque Dulce De leche Flambe for dessert.

This is not a place for people that are watching their diets. The portions are plentiful and luxurious; it’s a feast suitable for a king. The Jamon Crudo con Marron y Provelta is grilled Provolone cheese and ham served on top of a huge grilled bell pepper. I will never look at grilled cheese the same way! It is very tasty. But the real showstopper is the Enrollada, which is a long Argentinian skirt steak also referred to as “The Rolled One”. It’s over 1.5 pounds of beef, and over a foot long, so big that it has to be rolled up when plated on a dish. It is the perfect churassco, tender and incredibly juicy. You cannot have any steak at Las Vacas without their homemade chimichurri. It puts all their steaks over top! This chimichurri is not like any I’ve ever had, it has a unique spicy flare to it.

Las Vacas even sells it by the jar so you can take some home with you. I highly recommend their house wine to pair with your meal, it’s a nice smooth Malbec!

Do not skip dessert at Las Vacas, you must have the Panqueque Dulce de Leche Flambe. It’s two crepes filled with rich creamy dulce de leche and a shot of Barcardi 151 to flambe with two scoops of ice cream. It is the perfect end to any Argentinian feast, sinfully delicious! The presentation will make your jaws drop open. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below!

Thank you Chef Jose Luis Periz!


Las Vacas Gordas
933 Normandy Drive
Miami Beach, FL
+Facebook // @LasVacasGordas1


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