Bento Box: Mark

a. Seared Ahi Steak // Yard House
It was my first time at this Gulf Stream eating spot and overall its a “go!”. I had the Seared Ahi Steak Sandwich and it was made with plenty of fresh veggies and melted Swiss cheese. There were lots of juices flowing as I picked it up every time but most were from the freshly caramelized onions and not the Ahi it self because it was a bit overdone (even though on the menu it said “seared rare”). However, the menu was big and has plenty of potential so I will be back to try more.

b. Basil, Zucchini, Prosciutto Pasta // N.O.A. Catering
N.O.A. is one of my favorite lunch spots in Midtown Miami. This time I had a new dish on the menu, and boy, it was it good! You can’t go wrong with fresh zucchini, prosciutto, and basil sprinkled with Parmesan cheese then tossed with fried nuts (not sure which ones). The sauce was rich but not heavy, also not too thick and drippy. I ordered a side of grilled chicken because I wanted a heavier meat with my starch. This was a delicious and hardy meal. The one thing I did mention to the chef was that with the prosciutto present some salt could have been left out. I’m sure it will be just as good, hopefully better, the next time I order it.

c. BurgerFi Burger & Parmesan Cheese and Herb Fries // BurgerFi
This 1950’s style joint is definitely worth checking out. Made with 100% natural beef, which taste so much better than ones that are not. BurgerFi impresses with a simple yet succulent example of what a real good burger should be. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case the burger.

d. Ceviche de Pescado // Ceviche Cafe
I love ceviche and I was really looking forward to trying it here. It was a big portion with lots of yummy lemon juice but they did not give me the greatest cuts of fish. It was very chewy and full of ligaments. Also, I feel like ceviche loses its value when served in a styrofoam container… when you’re dining in. So in the end, more isn’t always better.



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