Muddling & Margaritas with Milagro Tequila

I don’t usually drink tequila. We have a love hate relationship, but I do appreciate quality liquor. When I arrived at the Milagro Mixologia event, I did not know what to expect. I come to find out that it is not only a tasting but a class on how to drink Milagro Tequila. Our set up was a long table prepared with bowls of ice, fruits & vegetables, herbs, your usual bartenders tool kits and of course bottles of tequila. I was a bit late to this event and missed the intro, but in my mind I think I came just in time as the whole group was ready to get down to business.

We got the opportunity to make 3 very different margaritas…

  • Our first margarita, Mercadito, was cucumber, jalapeno, cilantro made with Milagro Silver.
  • The second, Veracruzana, was pineapple, basil, Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Bitters with Milagro Reposado.
  • Last but definitely not least, as it was my favorite – Carpe Dia was a mix of blackberry, sage, Fee Brothers Barrel aged Bitters and Milagro Anejo.

If you thought that was all, you were wrong. After we got cleaned up from all the muddling and shaking we were treated to another surprise – three straight shots of Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver, Reposado & Anejo tequila. My personal favorite was the Reposado for its smooth texture and great balance of the agave and French white oak.

I had a lot of fun at this very hands on event. I learned a lot about Milagro Tequila and how to make delicious margaritas. I intend to use my new found skills to woo all of my friends and family. Thank you Milagro!

Since summer is technically not over til September 21st, stay tuned as we will be sharing the recipes to these Milagro margaritas and more. I encourage you to try Milagro Tequila and share your recipes with us!



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