Bento Box: Honey

a. Flash Fried Bok Choy // Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
Coming from an Asian background, it’s no surprise that Bok Choy is one of my favorite greens – so you can imagine how excited I was to see Bok Choy on the menu at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.  Their Flash Fried Bok Choy was very appetizing. With a light crispy texture and the perfect balance of soy sauce and fresh garlic, you forget you are chowing down on leafy greens. This is a must-have at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, trust me!

b. Korean BBQ Short Rib Arepa // Bloom
New to the Wynwood Art District, Bloom specializes in giving street foods a fancy flare.  The Korean Bbq Short Rib Arepa from Bloom caught my attention immediately, an arepa topped with juicy tender BBQ, I had to have it! The short rib was perfectly seasoned and very meaty. The BBQ marinade and leek kimchee brought a nice balance between sweet and spicy. I also appreciated their creative specialty cocktails and the vibe of listening to live acoustic beats. However, I did feel cheated by their small portion size; I expected more on my plate. @Bloomwynwood

c. Mamey Juice // El Palacio de Los Jugos  ‘The Palace of Juices’
You can find a variety of refreshing freshly squeezed juices at El Palacio de Los Jugos. I stopped at this local gem while driving down the busy streets of Hialeah.  They serve a variety of exotic tropical juices native to like guanabana, guarapo, tamarindo, sugarcane, guava, coconut juice mixed with papaya, and the list goes on! You can pick up your juice of choice for a whopping $2!  I tried Mamey, for the first time. It was nice and creamy, like that of a sweet potato, and not overly sweet, which I appreciated.  Next time I will try the Tamarindo juice and pick up an order of pan con bistec and a side of chicharones to-go!

d. Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese // Red Steak House
Although Red Steak House is known for their top quality steaks, I feel the need to highlight Red’s Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese. I must say the truffle oil is the leading star in this side dish and the huge chunks of lobster served as an additional bonus. Rich in flavor, my taste buds leaped for joy with every single bite. It’s crazy to think that a side dish could leave such a striking impression, but it truly left me a speechless! Has WOW factor written all over it! WARNING: Be prepared to cough up $54 for this divine mountain of decadence. Had I known how much it was, I probably would have passed, but I assure you Lobster Truffle Mac and Cheese is NOT on my list of regrets. @RedSteakHouse



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