The Real Deal: Save Money, Save Calories

My motto for 2012 has been: Save money, save calories! I think my friends can vouch for me that I say that motto often. I am the queen of the gaining weight & losing weight rollercoaster which is a vicious cycle that I’d love to break.

Another vicious relationship I have is with my wallet. My fiance, Graham & I will be on a roll with saving money and then we will have a craving for Shinju and there goes $45 out the window. (At least it’s tasty right?) $45 may seem like nothing but add up your expenses during the week – it’ll surprise you! Every penny counts!

Recently engaged, we really just want to cut corners. Both with money and calories which would mean more money for wedding and future while making sure I can fit that dream wedding dress. It’s easier said then done when you absolutely LOVE food.

What’s our secret? Moderation.

Here are a few tips & tricks:
1. Research! Before any Collective Plate dinner, I go to the restaurant’s website to see their prices and if they have a nutritional chart.
2. Water will be your best friend = The main ingredient of “Save money, save calories”.
3. Skip the appetizer & dessert. If you need that extra joy in your life – pick one of the two and share!
4. Speaking of sharing, when we went to The Rustic Inn with the crew- Graham & I had our own appetizers (clam chowder) and picked a meal that was big enough for the two of us and affordable for us to share. Compared to everyone’s $40 solo bill – ours was about $40 together!
5. Work out! I know, crazy right?
6. Groupon, Living Social, Miami Spice, etc – will save you half the costs!

I’m not a fitness, nutritional, and/or health nut guru. You will find me eating from a tub of ice cream occasionally. Nobody is perfect. I don’t believe in sacrificing the foods you love! – Life is short. I’ve lost 16 lbs this year and gained more $ in my piggy bank WHILE being a member of The Collective Plateit’s possible. Moderation people!

I often have friends or myself not go out to eat because of money or because they are trying to lose the weight – My goal here in The Collective Plate is to show that you can save money & calories when going out! Make sure to read my upcoming posts and bento boxes. I can’t promise that I’ll have the same logic for the group posts – when I’m out with the gang I tend to splurge a little 🙂

Stay tuned!



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