Spicing It Up at the Dining Room

With the endless Miami Spice menus in South Florida, The Collective Plate crew is venturing out to find the best Miami Spice menu. Jennieffer and Honey decided to try Chef Horacio’s menu at The Dining Room located at its new “pop-up” location at the Vesper in the swanky Shelbourne Hotel.

For starters, we ordered the Pork Belly off the Miami Spice menu and could not resist ordering from their regular menu too; we ordered the Scallops and Lamb Meatballs to please our hungry appetites.  While we were waiting for our appetizers to arrive, the Chef sent complimentary hors d’oeuvres to our table. We received a tasty delicate lamb Carpaccio topped with red beet foam.  The Carpaccio was fresh and delicious. It was such a great way to start off our meal.

Our Miami Spice appetizer featured pieces of glistening pork belly resting on top of a blue potato puree, drizzled with a sweet soy tamarind glaze. It was tender, full of flavor, and had the perfect crispy crust to it.  Our pan seared scallops were tightly wrapped with Serrano ham paired with foie gras sherry sauce. There are a lot of different textures in this dish from the perfectly seared scallops to the crunchiness of the tostini to the creaminess of the foie gras. This appetizer will leave a memorable impression to your taste buds. It was one of our favorite appetizers of the night. The lamb meatballs, served with romesco sauce and chiffon de arugula, was another enjoyable appetizer. The presentation of the appetizers was very appealing and well executed.

The Sweet Potato Gnocchi was one of the three entree choices on the Miami Spice menu. Served with a bright red beet tomato sauce, roasted pine nuts, and goat cheese foam.  The salty tangy taste of the goat cheese blended very well with the sweet potato gnocchi. The Miami Spice menu also offered Corvina A La Macho as an option for the main course. It was plated with pesto jasmine rice with three clams and a nice filet of fresh corvina topped with baby squid and shrimp. The panca pepper sauce gave the dish a nice spicy accent and it tied all the flavors of the shrimp, corvina, and clams together. It’s the perfect dish for all the seafood lovers out there.

And of course there is no better way than to top off any amazing meal than with Chef Horacio’s Brazo Gitano. Hands down, the best sponge cake in Miami! Imagine a sponge cake with a sweet caramel swirl, garnished with thin slices of chilled mango and green apple grinata. The icy crushed green apple grinata was a nice refresher and pair perfectly with the caramel sponge cake. We appreciated each and every delectable bite. In addition to the Brazo Gitano, Chef Horacio was nice enough to send a complimentary dessert to our table. And we were lucky enough to try his specialty, the Baked Patagonia. It is a layered dessert with dulce de leche ice cream and pistachio cake covered in Italian meringue topped with passion fruit sauce. It was a nice sweet surprise. The meringue gave the dessert a nice tart finish which balanced the sweetness of the dulce de leche ice cream. It is a must-try at the Dining Room!

Chef’s Horacio’s work in the kitchen is impressive. He does a remarkable job bringing out each individual flavor for every one of his ingredients in his dishes.  He is one of the most talented and most innovated Chef’s in Miami and that’s why he was named Best Chef in the Gulf Coast by Food and Wine Magazine. Chef Horacio will make sure you are well fed before you leave his restaurant! (Not your typical Miami Spice portions!) You definitely get your money’s worth. We give Chef Horacio two thumbs up for serving a generous portion of exceptional food at an amazing price!

Make sure to look out for our next Collective Plate food blog, we’re headed to Chef Horacio’s other restaurant, Ola, to try his innovated take on ceviche and mojitos!

-Honey & Jenn
@ohhxhoney // @AsianSenzation

The Dining Room
1801 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

+Facebook // @DiningRoomPopUp


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