Summer Sipping: 3 Drinks to Beat the Heat

With the summer heat in full effect, I feel like I’m constantly on a search for something cool to sip on. I’m usually a champagne or rose kinda girl, but lately I’ve been venturing out of my staples.

Check out these three drinks that are just as tasty as they look…

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade 
It’s rare that I drink bourbon, but when I do it always leaves me wanting more. A perfect example would be the popular Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade from Yardbird. Served in a mason jar and topped with a lemon and blackberry, this mixture reminds me of a true southern summer: sweet and smoky at the same time. Traces of cardamom provide for unexpected flavor depth while topping it with sparkling wine makes it almost too easy going down. Cheers Yardbird, you’re doing this one oh so right! [recipe]

Cucumber Gimlet
Known for being the country’s live music capital, Austin also has a pretty killer food scene. Dry heat isn’t as bad as the humidity, but it still left me craving a cool drink. Since I was in Texas, we had to have some ‘que and Lambert’s Downtown BBQ hit the nail on the head. While we waited for our food, I asked the waitress to recommend a refreshing drink and she suggested a Cucumber Gimlet. Noq gin and I have a love hate relationship. I’ve had drinks that I love and ones that I couldn’t believe other people actually ordered. This time was a winner though. The mix of fresh-squeezed lime juice and whole cucumber pieces quenched my thirst without the gin overpowering the other flavors. I was pleasantly surprised. Note: I had almost three of these before the food came out. 🙂 [recipe]

Frozen Pomegranate Margarita
Since I work on the beach, I’m a big fan of Rosa Mexicano and am pretty sure I’m addicted to their guacamole and sweet plantains. Recently, my work team & I discovered that their Frozen Pomegranate Margaritas are only $3 during lunch. Any other time and those bad boys are an extra $10! Frothy, cold and loaded with fresh lime juice and white tequila, they’re great for sipping slow while you’re sitting outside… or inside if you’re like me. Add some of their made-to-order guac and I’m quite the happy camper! [recipe]

If you have a summertime drink (alcoholic or not) you think I should try, please share!


– Dee


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