Muy Delicioso: Cholito’s Way Latin Restaurant

Living in South Florida, we are spoiled when it comes to Latin food! With so many choices it can become a daunting task of finding the gems, especially if you don’t come from a Latin background like myself. Well Latin background or not, I know of a great cozy Latin restaurant in Hollywood, Florida called Cholito’s Way that will satisfy all. This small, cozy restaurant has great character and the staff who are very friendly help make it a home feeling atmosphere!

Just from the wonderful smells in Cholito’s Way, I was very excited to tuck into some great food. So why not start with Cholito’s appetizer platter which consist of croquetas de jamon, pollo y queso (croquettes of ham, chicken and cheese), papa rellena (potato filled with meat), tamal, tostones, and masitas de puerco (pork chunks). This fantastic appetizer has so many different samples which is a great introduction to the food. The masitas de puerco was juicy and packed full of tender flavor and the croquetas (my favorite) were just what my taste buds wanted. It was my first time trying papa rellena and I have to say I really enjoyed it as well as the tamal and tostones!

At this point, the appetizer really warmed me up for my main dish. I decided to order the shredded beef (carne ripiada con maduros) as the pork in the appetizer was tender and juicy. This was even better than the pork. The beef could be pulled apart with a fork, it had a bold flavor and was served with peppers, onions, white rice and fried plantains – oh and my favorite, black beans! The dish was complete, filling and very satisfying.

It was time for dessert! I ended up getting three deserts. Tres Leches (3 milks), Flan and Natilla (an egg custard). Lets start with the flan as I am a big fan of that. The flan was the way I like it, not too sweet and the right consistency. The Tres Leches was a very pleasant surprise, it was like a cake, mixed with condensed milk. The Natilla tasted very much like an English desert called rice pudding. Very custard like with tons of cinnamon – delicious!

Cholito’s Way is a great spot! The food is cheap but excellent quality, packed full of flavor. You can’t go wrong!

Total= 15/20
Ambiance: 3
Service: 4
Price: 4
Food: 4


Cholito’s Way
6468 Hollywood Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024


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One Comment on “Muy Delicioso: Cholito’s Way Latin Restaurant”

  1. Marlena
    August 16, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    I loved this place! The food tastes homemade and you can tell that everything was cooked to perfection. I am Cuban myself and can truly say this place knows how to hit the spot.

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