Bento Box: Mark

a. Steak ‘n’ Eggs Benedict // Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill
When I first saw this dish I knew it was going to be tasty. But how tasty? I wondered. The first bite was much more than I was expecting – it was like a melody of flavors playing a great song. Eggs made to perfection, the steak (which you unfortunately cannot see in the picture) was so tender & flavorful, I wanted to get another just as a side! The bread had a hard crust, which I like, and held the dripping eggs, the juicy hot steak and the sauce, to tie it all together – delicious!

b. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cake // Ice Box Cafe
My first time at Ice Box Cafe was great. Walked in at the end of an amazing night on the town. I had a capuchino with their Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake. The cake was moist and the chocolate taste was not to abrasive. The ice cream was served at the perfect temperature and had an astonishing taste between the mint and vanilla. The combination of the two was a success, every flavor evenly distributed, making it a MUST TRY!

c. Golden Crab Legs // Rustic Inn
The Golden Crab Legs were my favorite of the Crab sampler. They were big, put up a good fight and had plenty of juicy crab meat that didn’t tear so easily which made it easier to dip it into the butter. Next time I plan on going for the Alaskan King Crab Legs. Not much more to say my friends – just try it if you haven’t already (if you have, repeat!)

d. Classic Big // Smashburger
This is a staple burger right now in my life. They make it delicious every time! Fresh vegetables, great meat (done medium), and melted american cheese – takes the cake (no pun intended). This is my go to for burgers on a frequent basis. Also the service, especially at my usual spot, is good most of the time and great sometimes, like my previous visit on 8/6. This is also a MUST TRY in my book.



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