Bento Box: Mo

a. Tropical Tuna Taco // Serendipity 3 (Miami)
This appetizer is delightful. Fresh sushi grade tuna is served in a crunchy taco shell topped with a fresh mango salsa. The tuna had a very subtle kick in spice, but the sweet mango easily cooled off any lingering zest.

b. Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup in a sourdough bread bowl // Panera Bread
This is a must have for me every time I step into Panera Bread for lunch, and I urge you to try it. This creamy soup is rich in cheddar with small chunks of broccoli and chopped carrots. The freshly baked bread bowl’s crust is hard enough to hold the soup, yet soft enough to bite and eat. My favorite part in eating this soup is at the end while I scoop the sourdough that soaked up the cheddar soup. Delicious!

c. Griot // Chez Nous American Haitian
Griot is true soul food. Pork chunks are deep fried and served with fried plantains, pickliz, and rice and beans. The pickliz, which is Haitian coleslaw of cabbage, carrots and peppers in vinegar, was spicy and complimented the fried pork perfectly. Finishing this hearty meal will definitely keep you very satisfied, perfect for the soul.

d. Halo-halo // Asia Mart
On a hot summer day, halo-halo is the perfect Filipino dessert. Start with a layer of different sweet beans, jackfruit, shaved ice and evaporated milk. Then top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, leche flan, purple yam, corn flakes and you have yourself a sweet, cold refreshing dessert. Mix it all together and you can cool down while your taste buds dance with joy.



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