Bento Box: Jenn (Boston)

Boston is so rich in American history and absorbing all that information definitely made me hungry. Check out my New England finds in this beautiful city.

a. Chocolate Chip Cannoli’s // Mike’s Pastry 
This cannoli paradise is located at the North end in Little Italy and a long line of patrons gladly waited their turn. These creamy filled goodies are so huge and are the size of my hand. This explains why the Bostonians can’t get enough of this place. The bakery also sells other Italian treats that will hit the spot.

b. Oyster House Clam Chowder // Union Oyster House
This creamy, rich New England soup is served in the oldest restaurant in America. If you get hungry during your freedom trail tour, stop by the historic restaurant for a bite to eat and sit at JFK’s booth.

c. Lobster Roll // Kelly’s Roast Beef 
This lobster roll had a generous amount of chunky lobster meat and the sauce was just enough not to overpower the meat.  It was served on a warm buttery roll and crispy potato chips.  I felt like this place was the real deal when it came to lobster rolls.

d. Strawberry and Banana French Toast // Top of the Hub
This dish was part of the pre fixe menu during their Easter brunch and I love the fact that I enjoyed it with a fascinating view of the city. Be sure to reserve a window seat and check out the observatory deck after your great meal.



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