Bento Box: Graham

a. Turkey Burger // Yard House
Well I have to consider myself a big turkey burger fan, sometimes there is nothing better than enjoying a less fatty treat on a bun. Now because I enjoy turkey burgers, I would like to consider myself a connoisseur of turkey goodness. Sometimes this lovely treat can be mushy or the other end of the spectrum, DRY! But alas there is a answer to these turkey burger ailments, it is called Yard House! The turkey burger from Yard House is moist perfectly cooked and to be honest my down right favorite turkey burger out there. It is packed full of herbs and spices, topped with mozzarella, garlic aioli and roasted tomatoes. All I can say is YUM! So if you want to experience the best gobble gobble burger, go to Yard House and bask in turkey burger bliss.

b. Louisiana Chicken Pasta // The Cheesecake Factory
I’m sure by now most of us have all gone to The Cheesecake Factory, I’m also sure that we all look at that novel size menu and face the daunting task of picking our meal. Well maybe I have an answer for you. The one dish I am always drawn to no matter how hard I try and resist is the Louisiana Chicken Pasta. Like the force, I’m drawn to it. It reels me in using it’s mind control of pasta greatness. Why do I love it you ask!? I will tell you why, lets start with the chicken. Parmesan crusted chicken fried to crispy goodness, and I might add, is not over greasy nor heavy. It’s more like a light chicken cloud in a sunlit sky. Next is the sauce, which to be honest is the money maker. It’s a creamy spicy New Orleans sauce which is light and great to dip the chicken in. The spiciness is not too strong so if your not heat tolerant it won’t affect you too much. The bow tie pasta is always cooked well and I hope you are hungry because there is about a pound of pasta there. Finally the plate trimming’s are a great compliment to the dish. Mushrooms, bell peppers and of course the finely chopped onions!

c. Frozen Hot Chocolate / Serendipity 3 (Miami)
I first heard of this place one cold English morning when I was bored and I found myself watching the movie Serendipity on TV. There was a scene, where the two were drinking a chocolate drink that looked like the chocolate gods came down and pooped chocolate heaven into a cup. So imagine how happy I was while in New York I found out the place was real! Well I loved the restaurant from the start but the problem was that it was in New York and I am a Floridian – but nay, I shall not worry, because Serendipity 3 decided to take their talents to South Beach! (and open on Lincoln Rd) How awesome is that? Anyway let’s talk about my favorite thing they sell and what made them famous. The Frozen Hot Chocolate! This thing is just awesome! It tastes like you got the richest hot chocolate, poured it over ice from Antarctica and blended it into a unique frozen experience. It’s the perfect partner on those hot Miami days when your sweet tooth is calling and the sun is beating down on you. Just try it!

d. Pepperoni Pizza / Steve’s Pizza (also know as heaven)
Steve’s Pizza has been in North Miami Since the time the dinosaurs walked the earth! I’m pretty sure it’s one of the wonders of the world (don’t quote me on that) and I have grown up on this place. If you love pizza this place is the best of the best! It’s the heavyweight champion of the world! The pizza is always cooked to perfection and has a secret sweet sauce that is to die for. Loaded with cheese and what ever topping you want you can’t go wrong. So instead of my typical long winded reviews I am ending this here. (because Steve’s Pizza is just awesome and if you have never tried it, you should be ashamed of yourself!)



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One Comment on “Bento Box: Graham”

  1. July 16, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    We’re happy to here you enjoyed the Turkey Burger, we love it too! πŸ™‚ See you again next time to bask in turkey burger bliss! Cheers!

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