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Trying new things is probably one of my most favorite things to do – especially when it comes to eating. Nevertheless, nothing can really take the place of comfort foods. Everyone has different choices, but we all get that same nostalgic feeling. You know the meal is going to be good and you just can’t wait for it. No judgement here – believe me, I know the feeling. 😉

a. Chicken & Cheese // Here Comes the Sun
A local favorite in Miami, Here Comes the Sun is a health food restaurant that’s been serving delicious, fresh fare for what feels like forever. The Chicken & Cheese is one of their most popular dishes and it’s pretty high on my comfort food list. Think tender chunks of white meat chicken on top of jasmine rice then baked with cheese on top. Add some garlicky ‘sun sauce’ and you’re good to go.

b. White Party Pizza // Serendipity III (Miami)
Aside from their decadent dessert options, Serendipity has an extensive food menu that easy to pick from for lunch, brunch, or dinner. I recently had their White Party Pizza and anyone who knows me is aware of how addicted I am to white pizza. While I love sauce, I’ll take three additional cheeses any day. Serendipity’s version needed a little more flavor (garlic, IMO), but I still finished the portion.

c.  Turkey Club // Ember Grille (Chicago)
Before I start with the sandwich, I need to talk about the homemade chips that came with it. They were perfection and I’m pretty picky about chips. I only do kettle cooked and it’d be an understatement to say I’m obsessed with the ‘crunch factor.’ Ember’s turkey club was extremely flavorful and the veggies were fresh. I wanted to have a few more meals at Ember, but time wasn’t permitting. I look forward to visiting again! Ember is inside the Westin Chicago River North and service was excellent.

d. Spring Fling // The Federal Miami
I’m still not 100% sure about what’s in this drink, but I am sure that everyone has to try it at least once. Similar to sangria, the Spring Fling is more refreshing and has a ton of flavor. The creme de peche adds the perfect touch! And if you stop in for a drink, definitely do when you’re a bit hungry. Personally, I’d ask for the jar-o-duck, the pig wings, and the biscuits. All extra tasty. Plus, give them a shout-out on Twitter @TheFederalMIA – they deserve #socialprops!

– Dee


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One part foodie, one part geek, two parts slave to fashion & beauty. I love Japanese and Indian food as much as I love Chanel and Star Wars. I like things spicy, but not too hot. ;)


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