Bento Box: Honey

(a) Stuffed Avocado / Juice and Java –Two avocado halves on a bed of greens, topped with fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, and balsamic. So simple, yet so delectable! It is the perfect combination of distinctive flavors. Juice and Java offers an extensive menu of healthy choices – from organic soups, wraps, platters, and juices. The stuffed avocado cups are just one of my favorite things to order. I’ve become a regular at Juice and Java because I find everything so appetizing and never feel guilty afterwards!

(b) Kauai Style Crepe/ Moloko – Heard about this crepe café because of a Groupon deal I stumbled upon. I was fascinated by their décor, and despite it’s alluring appeal the café was still comfortable and inviting. I ordered the Kauai Style Crepe which was filled with nutella, strawberry, banana and honey.It was perfectly folded, topped with chocolate drizzle, powdered sugar and a few dollops of fresh whipped cream. It was delicious and warm with the perfect texture and amount of filling. The mix of honey and nutella was surprisingly delightful and it paired perfectly with my espresso macchiato. I would definitely go back to Moloko’s again for dessert and coffee.

(c) Satei / Siam River – Chicken and beef strips marinated in a special Thai marinade that were skewered and grilled on the BBQ as an appetizer. It was served with their sweet peanut sauce. The coconut marinade made the Satei very appetizing and left the chicken and beef still moist and juicy. The sweet peanut sauce was my favorite part and I did not hesitate to use the dipping sauce with the rest of my meal. You can find a lot of great traditional Thai dishes at Siam River.

(d) Griot / Chef Creole Little Haiti – Haitian food is not hard to find in Miami, but if you are looking for good non-expensive Haitian food visit Chef Creole! It has become a Miami staple. The Griot is served with rice, red beans, plantains and pikliz (spicy vinegar). The marinade they use for the pork chunks made the dish rich and flavorful. But I what I enjoyed the most is the savory zest of the pikliz sauce, it’s the perfect combination of sweet, sour, and spicy.



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