Bento Box: Jenn

I have a major sweet tooth! Whenever I go out to dinner, I tend to flip to the last page of the menu and check out the dessert section.

(a) Sweet Diced Taro / Little Lotus
This taro or purple yam dessert is submerged in sweet coconut milk and topped with black sesame seeds. Don’t let the purple color scare you, give it a chance!
(b) Cupcake Heaven / Icing on the Kake
It was so hard to choose from the beautiful variety of cupcakes. In the end, I chose my favorite flavor, red velvet. Mmm..It’s so good and I want more! This vendor is located in the Yellow Green Farmers Market. Support your local businesses!
(c) Red Velvet Cake / The Federal FDP
This generous slice is covered with buttercream frosting and is the size of my head. It was fluffy and moist. All hail the red velvet cake!
(d) Baked Patagonia / The Dining Room
This personal sized baked alaska was spectacular! It was filled with dulce de leche ice cream and pistachio cake. It was surrounded by an array of berries and passion fruit sauce with just a hint of tart.

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Nurse with an adventurous palate


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