Bento Box: Ayeh (Chicago)

My friends from college and I made a pact that we try our best to see each other every few months, so we decided to meet in Chicago and being that it was my first time (and that I’m a huge foodie) I asked around for must sees in Chicago and these were my top 4.

(a) Chicago Mix / Garrett’s Popcorn Shop
A small bag is equal to a medium size bag that you’d normally get at the movies. For 6 people, we ended up buying 2 separate small bags ($5 each) which lasted the entire trip! If you’re a first timer, I highly recommend the Chicago Mix which is both cheddar cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn. And no, those giant holiday popcorn tin cans are NOT comparable.
(b) Cinnamon Rolls / Ann Sather
This cute little brunch spot was known for their cinnamon rolls. A perfect sized (but messy) on-the-go breakfast, the cinnamon rolls were cheap especially for the size given: $3 for two (thank you America for the need of all things oversized)!
(c) Frozen Taro with Boba / Joy Yee’s
The day we visited this place, it was a scorching 90 degrees outside. The smoothies provided were the perfect treat for a hot day. I can’t even begin to tell you how many different boba flavors you could choose from, but being a creature of habit, I stuck with my frozen taro with boba and Joy Yee’s did not disappoint! My next visit, I plan on actually eating here cause they also happen to be a very modern Asian cuisine restaurant with dishes like short ribs and panfried noodles (pineapple chicken also came highly recommended).
This is – by far – the best place to get drinks in Chicago. The view is breath taking giving you almost a 360 view of Chicago. Drinks are a bit on the pricey side ($12-$15), but I think the ambiance makes it worth the price. Ps. Ladies, check the bathroom view… perfect photo op!

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