A Taste of Sicily with Zonin Prosecco

The Collective Plate were lucky enough to get invited to another taste of Italy hosted by Zonin Wineries. This time we were transported to the region of Sicily which is known for it’s fish dishes and fantastic wines. Chef Giancarla from Escopazzo Restaurant would be the one providing the great food.

The first dish of the night was a salt cured, herb and balsamic marinated swordfish carpaccio with arugula and olive oil. The swordfish was sliced thin with the balsamic dressing complimenting it on the side of the dish. This dish was fantastic! The swordfish was not fishy at all but had a fresh but subtle taste. The balsamic did not over power the taste but yet seemed to heighten it. The swordfish was paired with Zonin Prosecco, a light easy drinking sparkling wine that we have become accustomed to over these events.

The antipasto or (appetizer as we like to call it) was grilled Mediterranean Octopus Panzanella. This was poached octopus severed on top of toasted Tuscan bread and olive oil. The thing with octopus is it has a reputation of being rather chewy, but the way this octopus was cooked left it tender and very tasty. The texture difference between the soft octopus and the toasted bread was very pleasing. This was paired with Insolia wine which is a spectacular white wine. Another stunning dish and wine pairing, we had happy taste buds!

The Eggplant Stuffed Paccheri had a sweet tomato sauce, capers, cacao cavallo, topped with smoked mozzarella.The dish was beautifully plated, almost like a work of art, very well executed. Chef Giancarla did an exquisite job bringing out all the different elements in her dish. The cacao cavallo brought a nutty and buttery taste to the dish and worked perfectly with the smoked mozzarella. The spice from the Nero D’avola made it the perfect red wine.

For the second main course, we had braised lamb with parsnip, leek and potato, scallion, parsley and rosemary gremolata. The lamb had been braised for many hours which had left it very tender and juicy. A butter knife would have easily sliced the lamb. Served with potatoes and parsnip, a typical simple meat and potato meal but packed full with flavor. This was Graham’s favorite dish, everything had been cooked perfectly and this really brought out the flavor. This meal was paired with Symposio which was an excellent red wine. The wine really did complement the food making sure not to overpower it. Fantastic!

We ended with a Walnut Brittle and Chocolate Ganache, which is a rich chocolate ganache with crème anglais, garnished with perfect Italian amarene cherries. This dessert is rich and so satisfying for any chocoholics. This luxurious, deeply chocolaty dessert was just so wonderful and delicious. We made sure to savor every bite. It had the perfect velvety creamy texture. The dark amarene cherries were a great accent to the richness of the dark chocolate ganche. We were also very pleased with Nero D’Avola Single Vineyard as it pairing. The red wine was packed full of fruity flavors that worked exceptionally well with this dish!

-Graham & Honey
@GTS108 / @ohhxhoney

1311 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Facebook: Escopazzo Miami


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