Bento Box: Lotus (Washington DC)

Graham and I love to travel and one of the main things we love to explore is FOOD! We went to Washington, D.C. for the weekend and lucky for us, our friends knew where to take us!

(a) Banana Fosters / Ted’s Bulletin
Any place that serves breakfast all day is a winner in my book. My breakfast sandwich was quite satisfying (I recommend Ted’s Ultimate Breakfast Sammy) but what tickled my fancy was their array of milkshakes including adult versions that contain alcohol. I had the Banana Fosters which had banana rum complimented by a traditional strawberry pop-tart. My one regret was not trying the peanut butter and bacon pop-tart!

(b) Maine Meal / Tackle Box
“Tackle Box is Washington DC’s first and only lobster shack.” For $13.50, you can order the Maine Meal which is 1 fish, 2 sides and a sauce. I ordered the shrimp with mac and cheese, sweet potato fries along with the lemon-garlic aioli sauce. They give you a good amount of great quality food with the right price. I have to say, this was my favorite foodie spot in DC.

(c) Milk Chocolate Birthday / Georgetown Cupcakes
If you are wondering why they continually have long lines, it’s because they have their own TV Show (DC Cupcakes on TLC) and their cupcakes are pretty darn good! My favorite? I had an affair with red velvet and decided that the Milk Chocolate Birthday was my cupcake of choice. Sooo good! I admit their frostings are rich and the size of the cupcake is too big for my taste – but nothing a glass of milk and fork won’t fix!

(d) Good Stuff Melt / Good Stuff Eatery
My burger was smothered in melted cheddar and muenster, caramelized onions and mushrooms with Good Stuff sauce. I also ordered the Spikes Village Fries which is topped with fresh thyme, rosemary and sea-salt. Make sure to visit their dipping bar – my favorites were the chipotle mayo and mango sauce! I’m afraid to admit I also tried their Cookies & Cream Milk Shake that did not make it through the entire car ride home. (Mind you, it was only 5 minutes away.) It’s that good.



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One Comment on “Bento Box: Lotus (Washington DC)”

  1. Marlena
    May 25, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    Wow…I think I am adding all 4 places to my to do list whenever I visit D.C. in the future. The cupcakes all look soooooo delicious that I think I might just have them for breakfast, lunch AND dinner =) yeah, I’m a sweet-a-holic…and speaking of which, I would LOVE to try those “adult milkshakes” πŸ˜‰

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